Lightning Strikes Twice in Philadelphia!! As Jawn Strikes Back!




    Our first Experimental Dynasty comes, not from Austin or DC, but from Philly. Like the Yankees of the 90′s or the tanned Lina Evens soap opera of the 80′s, Team Jawn has come out of nowhere to repeat as champions of The Philadelphia Experiment. Wearing their lucky shirts from last year, still not washed, they won over the crowd.

    Philly was in a unique mood Sunday. Not only did they have their famous Broad Street 10 mile  “FUN” run, but also two teams battling in the playoffs.  Thank god we had Brooklyn Brewery beer to calm those nerves and restore those leg muscles.

    Last year, it was their classic Fondoody, and this year, for once (with the exception of Empire Strikes Back), the sequel was better than the original. Jawns 2: The Revenge of Jawn was a crispy, spicy, meaty, cheesy, balanced bit of wonder! They had stiff competition. Cat Attacks! came back strong this year with The Sweet-ish Meatball sandwich. They won the coveted Judge’s first place. The judges did reveal to me how hard the decision had been to choose a winner, and I agree: Judging ain’t Easy!

    In a town known for Sandwiches, the chefs brought their A-Game. So many great sandwich, only so many prizes. No one brought the Steak-Umm to this party, great ingredients and ideas ruled the day. The Sandwiches ran the gamut. The Gluten-Free Goodness’s Gobbler was possibly one of the best gluten free entries we have ever had at an Experiment. They were competing arm to arm with the Cow Lick’s masterpiece of a tongue sandwich. Their tongue was exceptional, their pretzel bread was great.

    The best name had to go to team “She Blinded Me with Sandwich”! They featured the ultimate breakfast sandwich French Toast Stuffed with Scrapple, Bacon, and Pork: for reals! They basically got a lot of pig in each delicious bite.

    I cannot wait to be back next year! I won’t! I am definitely going to make a special trip soon to get some more Philly Sandwiches!



    First Place: Sweet-ish Meatball Sandwich / Cat Attacks!!

    Second Place:  Jawn / Jawn 2: Return of the Jawn

    Third Place:  JAM / Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich


    First Place / Grand Prize: Jawn / Jawn 2: Return of the Jawn

    Second Place: Cow Lick / Get Yer Tongue Around This

    Third Place: Briney Floyd / Pimp Crisp

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