Meatless Taco Wins Stockholm Experiment, and Pigs Fly!

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    Meat is Murder in Sweden!

    After tallying up the results from both the audience and judges awards at last Sunday’s Stockholm Taco Experiment, something became unusually clear to us. A vegan dish had swept the entire competition for the first time at any cookoff the Food Experiments has ever hosted. But it was clear that Tobias Lund, of team Seitan’s Blood had the culinary fortitude and skills to pull it off. His homemade seitan taco had the perfect balance of spice, acidity, texture and balance. And it didn’t need any meat! He even showcased his food mantra on his stained T-shirt, which read “Meat is Murder!” Theo and I are still stunned.

    Props goes out to all the seriously talented competitors this weekend for creating some of the best taco dishes we’ve encountered at a Taco Experiment, and in Sweden no less.

    Cristal Richardson of Team Taco Flako created one of the most unusual dishes of the day with a completely homemade dessert taco consisting of a nut flavored hummus, green dessert shavings acting as lettuce, and a chocolate waffle tortilla of sorts. Inventive, creative and beautiful to look at, it tested the idea of what a taco could be, the whole point of the Food Experiments.

    We also really enjoyed the curry taco in Vijay Dodiya’s Royal Delights Taco. He told us before the competition that he had never eaten a taco, a bold announcement before a taco making competition. So it was to our surprise, that we couldn’t get enough of his spicy curried chicken taco. We are still waiting for him to send us his curry recipe!

    Husband and Wife team Kristofer and Phuong of Team Taco Adieu surprised the entire competition with their take on their Vietnamese Bahn Mi Taco, full of pickled veggies and a delicious wrapper. The flavor of the taco was extraordinary and was one of the more creative tacos of the bunch.

    Props to two teams that pulled off seafood tacos, which included Team Tapatia and Team Mexicali. Not surprising at all, both placed in the competition and both were from Mexico. Team tapatia had a beautifully seasoned fried fish taco with crunchy veggies, while Mexicali created a Baja Style shrimp taco that exceeded expectations and wowed the crowd.

    We’ve truly enjoyed our stay in Stockholm and we hope this competition pushed the culinary boundaries of what tacos can mean in Sweden. Especially for those cozy friday night in cold Sweden, when local Swedes get together with friends and create a taco night of sorts in front of the television. We hope to be invited to a few when we return!

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  • Tobias 05.28.2013

    Thank YOU! We’re reeeeaally looking forward to competing and eating in NY =)
    And drinking great beer ofc.

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