About Us

  • When Nick and Theo met, it wasn’t about the common good — it was a fierce culinary rivalry. They battled with chili, chowders, and bacon. Neither man wanting to concede defeat to the other. Like the Roman gladiators before them, covered in the blood of swine, they fought with chafing dish a blaze and serving spoon at the ready. In the end, who won doesn’t matter, because like all great rivals they had one thing in common: The pursuit of GLORIA CULINARIUS! i.e. Culinary Glory! For that reason, they laid down their sterno, shook hands, drank beer, ate BBQ, and created the Food Experiments!

    And now thanks to Brooklyn Brewery, we get to take our friendship and the Experiments on the road, for a second year!

    Before the Experiments, Nick was a tasting editor at Wine Spectator, and now, he is pursuing his dream. After completing his coursework at the French Culinary Institute, he took a job working the line at Danny Meyer’s Modern restaurant. His mind will never be the same.

    Theo, the older and potentially wiser half of the Experiments, has lived a varied life. From Lower Eastside bar owner in the 90’s to ski bum to culinary graduate (He is still proud of his “Crispy Whites Award”). Food and Cooking has always been central to his life. Now, through a fated series of twists and turns, he finds himself at the helm of America’s most exciting amateur cook-off series: The Food Experiments!