• Food Experiments - Austin Experiment

    Q: Do I have to sign up to compete?
    A: YES, enter your dish on our sign up page and you will receive an email confirmation shortly. We will let you know if we have reached our maximum amount of competitors. We will start a waitlist when that happens.

    Q: How much food should I bring?
    A: Bring enough food to provide about 250-300 one-bite samples. Whether it’s individual bites or a big pot of something, that’s fine. Dishes can be as prepared before the competition as you wish, but only your single assistant can help you assemble once you reach the venue. We always say “Create the perfect bite”. Remember, the more people who try your dish, the more votes you’ll get, but ultimately bring what you feel comfortable making.

    Q: What supplies do we provide for you?
    A: Sterno and chafing dishes will be provided to those who indicate they need one. In addition, rubber gloves, paper towels and limited prep and table space will be available. You should plan on bringing your own serving utensils, such as ladles or serving spoons. All audience members will be provided with plates and eating utensils, but feel free to serve your dish on your own specific plates if you wish.

    Q: Any guidelines or rules for what my dish must include?
    A: There are no rules. Make something you are proud of. Weird or unique ingredients are certainly welcome. Just make sure your dish follows the culinary theme of each cookoff and represents your culinary point of view.

    Q: When should competitors arrive at the venue?
    A: Please arrive at least one hour prior to the event. This will allow you ample time to setup your station.

    Q: How will the judging take place?
    A: The audience will vote for their favorite dish using a ballot. The chef with the most votes, wins! Chefs will also present their samples personally on stage to the judging panel, who will choose their favorites. Amazing prizes await the lucky winners!

    Q: If I am competing, how many people per team?
    A: Each competitor may bring along one helper/assistant who does not have to pay an entrance fee, but you must arrive as a team.

    Q: Can I bring electrical or gas appliances like a deep fryer, camping stove or hot plate to the event?
    A: NO, due to logistical reasons, chefs cannot use gas or electric appliances at the event, but we will provide sternos and chafing dishes for those who need them. Please contact Theo at theo@thefoodexperiments.com or Kate at kate@thefoodexperiments.com if you need further clarification.