March 11 – Austin, TX




    The Results are IN!


    First Place: Zesty Bean Dog / Smoked Duck Pastrami Tacos

    Second Place: The Holy Smokers / Grec-Mex Pitatilla

    Third Place: Outer Spice / Jamaikame Crazy


    First Place / Grand Prize Winner: Sous Me Alchemy / Tacos Amores

    Second Place: The Holy Smokers / Grec-Mex Pitatilla

    Third Place: Talking Tacos / 512 Pecan Porter Lengua Tacos

    Theo Prize For Experimentation: Mary Makes Dinner / Frío Tillo Taco



    Theo Peck and Nick Suarez are excited to return to one of their favorite culinary destinations to present the Austin Taco Experiment, an amateur cook-off involving Austin’s finest, most committed, passionate, and intense home chefs. Dishes will range from the savory to the sweet, from the choco taco to pork tacos and every possible experiment in between! Remember, there is always room for a little experimentation and one last bite. As long as there’s some kind of shell on it, it can represent. You may never look at tacos the same.

    Anyone can compete! Anyone can attend! And anyone can win! Sharpen your knives, America! This is a call to all amateur chefs looking to be named the next cook-off king or queen of Austin.

    The winners will not only receive a lifetime supply of culinary glory, cash, and other great prizes from our sponsors, but the grand prize winner will be flown to Brooklyn, NY to compete for the National cook-off title, the Super-Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup of cook-offs to be held at Brooklyn Brewery. You, along with our professional judging panel choose the winners! Do you have what it takes to win? All competing chef-testants will receive a $50 Central Market Gift Card to help with the costs. A portion of the proceeds will go towards charities that promote sustainability and local culinary education for disadvantaged children and teens.

    Are you experimented…?



    DJ Jester a.k.a. The Filipino Fist! Because I rather have a Fist than a hammer!